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Significant advances in technology and increases

in regulation world-wide are compressing

margins in banking and asset management,

in both developed and emerging markets.

Odyssey is a global owner-operator of Critical Financial Infrastructure

What Odyssey does:

  • Invests in the plumbing that supports global financial transactions

  • Generates value from compounding diversified income streams

  • Operating from a strong balance sheet, invests as a corporate entity not as a fund or an investment vehicle

  • Isolates undervalued entities and place them into an ecosystem, enabling stable cash flow

  • Applies an operational framework to the management of assets


Generates value through
1. Economics of scale 
2. Cross-selling
3. Lowering funding costs
Provides multiple benefits to operating entities by creating a global ecosystem

Odyssey value creation

Produces superior returns through the power of Compounding Income


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